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Redding's Stillwater Business Park provides large, ready-to-go, office and industrial sites up to 100+ acres on Interstate 5, equidistant between Los Angeles and Seattle.

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Staff  |  09-Apr-2010

Redding officials cut the ceremonial ribbon at Stillwater Business Park. The April 9 celebration follows more than a decade of planning, regulatory gauntlets and construction delays.

Jim Zauher  |  18-May-2009

After the winter rainy season break, work has resumed at the site, with the North Bridge being complete! The Business Park is scheduled to be complete this summer.

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Why you should consider the Stillwater Business Park

"Ready-to-Go" Sites
"Ready-to-Go" Sites
One of only a few locations in the West to find 100+ acres in a fully entitled business park setting.
Low-cost Electricty
Low-cost Electricity
The Redding Electric Utility provides rates 30%-40% below investor owned utilities and has an extremely positive reliability index.
Abundant Workforce
Abundant Workforce
The Redding and Shasta County workforce is recognized by both existing and new companies as being productive, with a strong work ethic.
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Western Market Access
Western Market Access
Redding’s strategic location on Interstate 5 provides one-day shipping to both Seattle and Los Angeles and access to California’s huge marketplace.
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Interactive Map

Located only 2.5 miles from Interstate 5, the Stillwater Business Park provides excellent access to California markets and the Northwest.